Welcome to the web site of the Friends of the H-Van, an association formed in 2000 that links all those with a passion for the renowned CitroŽn H-Van.

Some of you have already had the pleasure of driving this fine utility vehicle with its corrugated sides and pig snout front end, fire Truck, police van, merchants, government service...
The H-Van that loafs along country roads, that one finds parked in front of a grocery with doors open, that plays an integral role in the traditional open market, that will always be in our hearts.
The goals of our organisation are mutual aid and the preservation of these vehicles which are such an important part of the France of bygone days.
Special tools for repair or maintence, technical bulletins and examples of vintage advertising, spare parts, but also fellowship and human companionship.
  • SUSTAINING MEMBER†: 20 Ä (annual dues) + 20 Ä (sustaining dues) for a total of 40 Ä
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    The CitroŽn H-Van